November 2018

"Eine Schachtel voller Schuld" (A box full of Guilt) premiered!

February 2018

New photos by Laura Thomas

January 2018

The 2018 showreel is now online: DEMO

August 2016

The 2016 Showreel is now online: DEMO

Filming for "Eine Schachtel voller Schuld" (A box full of Guilt) and you can watch the scene from the shortmovie in the new Showreel!

June 2016

New photos by Henrik Pfeifer

April 2016

New photos by Laura Thomas

December 2015

Jeannine is back from LA with a new Headshot by Jeff Enden

"Life will find a way"

My blog: Picture me Rollin'

Jeannine on Instgram

September 2015

The Acting buffet at Lesly Kahn & Company in Los Angeles

New photos by Annina Kryger

(R)evolution, Jeannine's & Annina Kryger's dancetheatre project, September the 2nd at "Rolands Künstlerrampe"

August 2015

Shooting the shortmovie "Eine Schachtel voller Schuld" (A box full of Guilt) in Brozek (Poland)

July 2015

SMS Festival 2015 - Love Shorties

Jeannine's piece about Love

March 2015

The 2015 showreel is now online: DEMO

November/December 2014

Filming the shortmovie "Window" (Fenster) at the Stuttgart Media University. Jeannine is playing the main role "Eva"

Premiere is during the MediaNight January, the 29th, 2015, Stuttgart Media University

Dear Casting Agents, Actors, Colleagues and curious people: Welcome to the Homepage of actress Jeannine Rieckhoff.

Jeannine was born and raised in her hometown Spremberg in Germany, and since the age of 12 she has been involved in various theatre groups.

With the english drama group "Erwin's Enkel" she won 2005 the sponsorship prize and 2006 the main prize "the Pegasus of theatre" during "the Cottbuser Art days" of the state theatre. After graduading in 2008, Jeannine wanted to further her talent and passion in the industry by studying dramatic arts at the "Acting School Charlottenburg" in Berlin. Since then she has been involved in various projects and continues to devote herself to uupcoming acting roles, nation and international wide.

The diversity of acting, the magic of capturing a moment that will stick and mesmerizing people with this art, is what you will be working with when working with Jeannine. She is not only an actress that plays back what is givin to her, but she puts her whole heart into every single role, bringing out a different element of her acting skills every time. Jeannine is full of suprises and leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more.


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HAIR: Dark Blonde / EYES: Blue / HEIGHT: 5‘8


A BOX FULL OF GUILT (short) / YOUNG GIRL / Marco Wojciechowski
WINDOW (short) / Eva (Lead) / Kim Spiess
KEN AND ALLAN MAKE A WORLD WIDE WEBSERIES (series) / Jeannine / Jürgen Hirsch
HOLGER; HANNA UND DER GANZE KRANKE REST (feature) / dental nurse/ Matthias Heine
ARROGANZ - BLOOD CEREMONY (musicvideo) / Girl (Lead) / Erik Schiesko
IN DER SCHWEBE (short) / Girl/ Juliane Ahrens


Happily whatever after / red from the hood, stepsister / Chris Berube / Berubian Theatre Company / Los Angeles
(R)EVOLUTION (dance theatre) / DANCER (lead) / Annina Kryger & Jeannine Rieckhoff / Rolands Künstlerrampe
MALL OF BERLIN MUSICAL (musical) / dancer/ Andreas Kühnel/ Leipziger Platz Berlin
MARIE AND BRUCE / Marie, Bruce / Heike Irmert / Studio Theatre Berlin Charlottenburg
THE GOLDEN DRAGON / Heidemarie Schneider / Stewardess, the man /Studio Theatre Berlin Charlottenburg
CLAIRE'S DEVIL / Corinna Züge / Claire (lead) / State theatre Cottbus, Germany


Acting School Charlottenburg Berlin (3 year conversatory), Germany


The Acting buffet at Lesly Kahn & Company in Los Angeles

Stage Musical School Berlin, Germany


English / with german accent
German (mother language)


Yoga instructor (200Hr), Sports ( Karate (2nd Kyu, brown), Running, Advanced Diver, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Mime, Tai Chi, horseback riding, Acrobatics, Surfing)
Dance ( Modern, HipHop, Ballett, Flamenco, Standard, Tango)
Instruments ( Guitar)
Voice (Mezzosopran)
Lincence ( Car, Advanced Driver)


Showreel 2018

Showreel 2016

SMS Festival 2015 - Love Shorties

Showreel 2015


Showreel 2014


Movie / Television

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